How CPRH helps working professionals

We test for knowledge of 17 relevant areas through our online testing process.

We challenge candidates to demonstrate reimbursement strategic thinking.

Earn the CPRH® and stand out from the crowd. Step outside of your comfort zone, and extend your knowledge of reimbursement into new areas.

Flexible membership options. Once you earn the CPRH designation, you keep it for life, by simply meeting annual continuing education requirements, and keeping your subscription current.

CPRH Exam Basics:

How is the exam administered?

Candidates take the exam online. Virtual proctoring may be required for some candidates.

Which topics are included?

The exam includes up to 17 topics related to reimbursement, health policy and healthcare economics. All subscribers receive a study guide with references to guide your preparation.

How will I benefit from passing?

Candidates who have a CPRH designation have demonstrated the highest knowledge of key aspects of reimbursement and health policy. Read more

After purchasing, you must apply and be approved to take the CPRH Exam.

➯ Applicants must demonstrate least 3 years professional experience in one or more relevant, qualifying roles.
​➯ The exam consists of a series of multiple choice questions, and written responses.
➯ The exam is taken in one sitting and testing time will last for approximately three (3) hours

➯ Enjoy access to CPRH reference and educational materials with your subscription.

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One attempt available every 30 days

One attempt available every 30 days


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Monthly Insight Newsletter Included

Examples of topics covered in the CPRH® Exam

Want to learn more about the topics covered on the exam?
Approved CPRH exam applicants will receive a study guide document to help prepare for the exam.

U.S. Market Access Processes
Healthcare Economics
U.S. Health Laws & Regulations
Healthcare Reimbursement

Need more specifics on what's on the exam?

Click on the table below to expand each section. For full details, please purchase a subscription membership.

  • Design of the Medicare Program, Department of Health and Human Services, and FDA
  • Fundamentals of Healthcare Coding
  • Coding Governing Organizations
  • Medicare Reimbursement Mechanisms for: Physicians, Hospitals, Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Diagnostics, etc.
  • 2 Short Essays: Market Access Strategy: planning to make sure a new product is covered by insurance.
  • Claims processing: CMS-1500 and UB-04 Forms
  • Medicare Program Provider Types
  • Claim Rejection, Denial and Appeal
  • CPT, HCPCS, ICD-10-CM/PCS, LOINC, NDC and UDI Coding Function
  • Health Policy Fundamentals: Medicare and Private Payer Coverage
  • HIPAA, Medicare Modernization Act, Affordable Care Act
  • Healthcare Fraud Statues
  • Anti-Kickback and Safeharbors for Value Based Healthcare
  • MACRA and Medicare QPP Program (MIPS)
  • Laws governing reimbursement rates and pricing
  • Value Based Healthcare
  • Healthcare Data Sources
  • Payment Reform (ACOs, bundling, risk sharing)
  • Health Technology Assessments, Levels of Evidence and its Impact on Healthcare Policy
  • Cost-effectiveness analysis
  • Clinical Trial Design for Patient Access

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