CPRH Flex Monthly Program

$32.99 / month with a 7-day free trial

Our most flexible program


Note: Billed Monthly



  • Exam Reference Material Access – No need to buy additional books, courses or videos.
  • One practice exam per 30 day billing period.
  • Our 7 Day Money Back Guarantee. Log in, check out our product. Cancel before 7 days after purchase. No questions asked.
  • One Official Exam per 30 day billing period.
  • Continuing Education Materials – No need to purchase separately!
  • Inclusion in Member Database (for access by verified employers)
  • E-mail customer support access



  1. Access to the official exam will be granted after the application process is completed, and the candidate demonstrates that they meet the CPRH professional experience requirements. A link will be provided after the order is fully processed, containing information on how to complete the process.
  2. All CPRH candidates may use the title “CPRH” only if their subscription is current, and continuing education requirements are met.
  3. If a subscription account lapses, a 14 day grace period will be extended one time per each calendar year. If the subscription is not re-activated in that time period, any earned CPRH certification for that account is invalidated, and the exam must be re-taken.


All monthly subscribers must maintain their status in order to use the CPRH designation.